Final Rating: 6.79. Finished 7 out of 139 entries.

26,293 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kevin Laurent

Description: Walking around...

Experience: Does school experience counts ? If yes, 3 years. If not, then 0.

Time taken: About 7 days


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Niko Frenkenberger:

for me, the gesticulation is a bit too strong and overacted but apart from that the animation is very fluent and the mouth synch very well

Fernando Incetta:

Nice acting choices, and the animation is vivid and fluid. Good job!

Frank J. Warsinski:

I love the attention to detail on this one!

Raevynne 'Mei' Vile:

I especially love the slap at the end

Sasa Rodrz:

I think you have too many actions, maybe try to give more time to each action before starting a new pose

James Daggs:

One of my favorite entries for this month! Excellent work!