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Animator: Brian Mueller

Description: Someone wants to start a training camp with his roommate

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: ~2 Hours


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nice idea

Zach Savaglio:

It's good, but I think you should try a higher frame rate. I'm guessing 12 or 15 FPS? Also try smaller movements. I love the stop motion style though! I'm looking at your mouths, and yes, they are decent, I would look at this link. You can draw out your own mouths, or digitally draw them like what you did here.

Jesse Smith:

This one is really good, smooth, and simple nice work.

Fernando Incetta:

Pretty good, the lighting is consistent and the setup is well done. The framing in shot 2 is a little off, put the character on the right, there is no need to see the empty patch of grass.

Tasha Howe:

Sucker for a lego animation. Like the hair adjustment, even though it is a restrictive process I think the timing of the side to side/back and forth movements could be more refined to give more impact to the speech and suggest movements /actions even if they cant actually perform them. Worth shooting some reference footage to see how your body moves then reflect that as best you can with your figures