Final Rating: 4.70. Finished 63 out of 195 entries.

438 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kévin Borjon Piron

Description: A gangster and the sheriff chasing him for years find themselves burried up to the neck.

Experience: 1year

Time taken: 7days


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Laurie Bick:

Love it

Howard Cameron:

Clever idea with the staging

Max Maxim:

good idea for facial animation)


nice asymmetrical facial poses

Shiladitto Gupto:

I like the idea of skipping a lot of animation in a very creative manner but the animation which we see here still needs a lot of work.

Michael Mavromatis:

towards the end the lip sync seems to skew off track, it doesn't seem to be following the lines, but there is some good motion with the characters heads going on.
Lip sync needs a bit of practice.

Frank Geadah:

Found a way to only animate the face I

Ruud Harbers:

Pretty good! The character on the left has a kind of weird head movement at 250 - 257 that could use some tweaking, I think.