Final Rating: 5.91. Finished 25 out of 195 entries.

609 views including the voting period.


Animator: Conor Gilmore

Description: Two business partners. one buy the book, the other is unethical and breaks rules to get business done. When he is accused of being up to something, he serves his accuser a drink. Should he drink it?

Experience: About three years of animSchool. I have permition to use this Rig.

Time taken: One month


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Howard Cameron:

He is very smiley, not in a good way but overall it's very good.

Debby Albers:

Character motivation/personality is a bit confusing because he looks friendly throughout most of it and then has an almost evil smile at the end when pushing the glass forward. Some nice subtle action in the face at times, but the neck and arms feel like they're sometimes shaking. The camera movement and table have a slight wobble around frame 160 that enhances the shaking feeling of the body. Perhaps also make him look up towards the other person at frame 15 so that it's clear there is someone else speaking. Overall a really good effort and I think it was a great idea to only animate one person, giving a mysterious feeling of "who is this person talking to?"

Josh Brazda:

Good animation for the character, but who is he talking too? Need to see the guy he's talking to, even if it's just the back of his head and you can see his mouth moving.

Sabrina Winkel:

Love his evil look

Carolyn Merklein:

excellent, though he could stand to blink a bit more and the inbetweens needs polish


frame 226-240 BEST!
love the feeling!