Final Rating: 6.63. Finished 14 out of 195 entries.

971 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tai Beaumont

Description: One detective is sick of being questioned by his coworker.

Experience: A few years.

Time taken: 1 month.


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Corinne Gibeault:

Some really nice face and hand acting but the bodies are very stiff

Laurie Bick:

The backwards shuffle at the very end is weird.

Shamel Esmaeil:

Nice work! The hands are hitting a hard stop on "you!"(f:28). I wish you didn't go for pointing the finger on "are you up to something?" (f 200) this gesture in particular is a bit cliche. Everything else is pretty good to me. Keep it up!

Florent Perrin:

Be more soft with the moves, they lack of elementary weight.


expressive -nice work


This is pretty solid! I love the expressions the guy with hair made. This is a fresh take on the sound file and I think it was very successful.


nicely animated but i couldnt get your concept