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Are you up to something boy

by Jimmy Taylor

Final Rating: 3.70. Finished 125 out of 195 entries.

419 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jimmy Taylor

Description: Eugene tries to catch his misfit pets up to no good.

Experience: 2 yrs

Time taken: 4 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Howard Cameron:

Nice set up and idea.

Brian W.:

I like the concept and characters. Keep at it.


Great idea with the dogs playing poker. You have nice acting but be careful with your key poses. It's important to have a clear silhouette and convey a clear attitude to the viewer. The first pose of the dog, he's all contained within himself. If you were to just shade him in, you won't be able to tell what he's doing or what his attitude is. The dog on the left has a clear silhouette, to push it even further to show he's a bit dense you could have his head to one side and asymmetrical ears. Nice work though, keep it up

Frank Geadah:

no lip synch