Final Rating: 3.08. Finished 226 out of 310 entries.

381 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jeremy Childers

Description: Mommy is an Alcoholic that cares more for the happiness in her flask then her child, but doesn't want her child to know it.

Experience: 11 weeks

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Coffee N Milk:

too much pose

Chad Cox:

Love the idea of her being in a wheelchair, but I think you're trying to squeeze to much into the end so the timing comes off way to fast. Also, the wheelchair tip could use some more anticipation and ease in. Great work!

Marcella D.:

I like the set up, but the character animation move too quickly.


She moved a little too fast. Try having someone act out the movements to get a better idea of pacing.

Jordan Lewers:

There is an awful lot of tweening between poses, and the scene could benefit from a side camera angle to avoid "unflattering" positions from Mery

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Maybe there is a good idea inside there, but the movements are too fast, not too fitting to the situation shown, you can barely read them, and there is a lack of communication from the other character.

Richard Adams:


Craig Joseph Massa:

Waaaaaayy too fast. slow down all of the movements.

Fernando Incetta:

Nice poses! Try to refine the inbetweens a little bit more, it looks like a blocking as it is right now.

Jelany Andujar:

I really enjoyed watching this, her expression was funny to me, it was interesting, but when she looked back, that shoulder movement was too fast, you could've made it move a frame closer from when she actually looked back. Also Her lips were a little off and her hands moved way too much with what she was saying. Next time try and use less of it but overall it was a nice animation!