Final Rating: 6.54. Finished 10 out of 310 entries.

8,112 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bongyong

Description: drunk girl

Experience: 1year

Time taken: 2week


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Sabrina Winkel:

Very nice! Love the acting and story line. Especially the end!! Lol

Steve Schwartz:

It's funny but I think the two side of the same coin acting approach would have worked better if the one side said more than one thing. I think maybe if she was playing with a doll and the doll played the part of the daughter and she did the mother...whatever, I'm over thinking.
Also, while funny, the mother is an absolute statue. I would give her a little keep alive movement.

imran younas butt:

good poses.
and good story board

Syed M. Ali:

Wow nice idea..

Ramon Arango:

I would hold the expression on 44 until the switch because now it feels like an awkward wink

Jordan Lewers:

This was hilarious, I love how you handled Kayla throughout the scene! I would've liked to have seem more animation from Bonnie though, but overall nice work!


Really funny ending, could have possibly made the girl take off the glasses quickly instead of disappearing. The drunk girl kinda looked like the sun was in her eyes, and not so much drunk. Maybe make her head seem heavy and direct the movement of her body.
Pretty good though, definitely laughed at the end.

Mike Schanbacher:

Haha, funny scenario :)

Pablo Arderíus:

Great!! I love it!

Nassim Briedj:


Mark Hanson:

cool way to animate this. Good animation too.

Richard Adams:


Fernando Incetta:

Good job. Nice compositions and overall expressions

Naga Anim:

nice concept

Kambria J. Farmer:

I love everything about this animation! The idea alone is super cute and out of the box!

Monica Stringer:

I don't know why that was so entertaining to watch, but it was!

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Awww, that was a funny/plot/set-up... but it could have been even funnier if the "mother"part was done with more body expression variety... would have felt more natural and funny...