Final Rating: 3.27. Finished 205 out of 310 entries.

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Animator: Brian Disney

Description: Woman surprised at her puppets accusation

Experience: Student about six months total

Time taken: two weeks


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Sabrina Winkel:

I like how the camera moved in.

Steve Schwartz:

cute idea, but the camera movement is really robotic.

Connor Leuck:

when mery moves, the puppet should also be influenced to move. Her IK hand doesn't move until the very end.

Marcella D.:

Needs smoother movement

Kevin Cooper:

Very good idea. There is really no need for the camera rotation. If she is a ventriloquist, then you need to see both her and the puppet at the same time. Look at some of Jeff Dunham's live performances and see how that camera is handled.

Fernando Incetta:

Cool idea! It looks like a promising blocking stage. Add a little more work on the animation principles. Good luck

Rebecca Bogert:

The camera move is unnecessary.

Richard Adams:

LOL talking to a hand Her face could use a little more emotional expressiveness.

Monica Stringer:

i understand that the last bit of the sound file is spoken pretty fast, but you need to tighten that animation to make it look like she's actually talking. The movements are a bit robotic, especially the head near the end, it looks like you put less work into in than you did in the beginning or you were rushed for time. Also I don't understand the purpose of the puppet in this scenario

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Puppet again? Anyway, this flows too smoothly to make it look expressive or natural enough.