Final Rating: 2.39. Finished 280 out of 310 entries.

376 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alejandro Villapudua Salas

Description: In a small supermarket a girl asks another if a drink has alcohol, it is a bit surprising that a poorly recognized , but it takes good and gives advice.

Experience: No, I'm just learning the basic principles of 3D animation

Time taken: Approximately 8 hours


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i don't get it?

Sarah Schulze:

Be careful with the camera angle.One time your character is on the right side and an other time he is one the left side, by doing that he viewer will have some difficulties to understand what^s happening, espacially when you have character which looks the same :)

Connor Leuck:

breaks the 180 rule

Sabrina Winkel:

It's good except the camera moves too much

Marcella D.:

Keep working on this one



Richard Adams:

Most obvious thing, too many camera shifts, distracting.

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Oops, audio cut! Anyway, the expressions are too lacking... and the movements too lacking...

Ariyanto Zulkifli:

timing and spacing. need to improve that to makes you better.