Final Rating: 3.95. Finished 123 out of 310 entries.

426 views including the voting period.


Animator: jipjax

Description: Drunk mothers...gotta love them!

Made with the FlexiRig (Beta) from Blender Cloud.

Experience: A few years in 2D...a few months in 3D

Time taken: dunno


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Marcella D.:

The cut to the mother's face is a bit awkward

Fernando Incetta:

Interesting compositions. The animation needs a little bit of tweaking, it still looks like it's on blocking stage. Keep it up and good luck

Rebekah Ryan:

I like the movements of the characters as well as the ideas, however I think the rigs didnt do so well for the wink the mother does towards the end. I think its interesting how you have the perspective of the daughter added in towards the end. I also think the person in the background could have a little bit more movement, because having their arm locked on the hip and one straight out comes out rather stiff.

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Movements still mechanical/stiff, even discounting the art style.

S J Bennett:

That last shot is terrifying! :)