Final Rating: 6.73. Finished 7 out of 310 entries.

23,889 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gil Daniel

Description: Kayla's Birthday Party

Experience: few years

Time taken: few days after work


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GokulNath Gajapathy:

like the story ..animation could be better :)

Fran Deltell:

Very Funny :)

hamed hosien zadeh:

Good idea,good act

Rachel Col:

Haha the kid falling on his face in the background is such a great detail

Sabrina Winkel:

Best one I have seen! Great story line!


Great animation! Try moving the characters a little more when they are still, so it doesn't look like they turn into statues. I see the eye movements but I think it needs more movement in those moments. This one's my favorite btw!

srinivasrao v:


Thomas Holcombe:

cool idea, i liked it!!



Connor Leuck:

That is some fantastic acting!

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Very neat for what it is... a good execution... although them being still for extended amounts of time doesn't fit very well... work on this and we could have a true winner!