Final Rating: 5.09. Finished 42 out of 310 entries.

485 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lim Qi Wei

Description: Girl having a drink offered by lady

Experience: 1 and a half years studying animation

Time taken: 4 weeks on and off


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Gaucelm De Villaret:

Appropriate... Respectable.... It's good interpretation, and is fitting... It lacks maybe a bit of something more wild, but maybe it shouldn't...

Ramon Arango:

i think you could exaggerate the posing and speed of certain motions. Now it has a very monotonous flow to it. Make things snappy, fast and slow or even do some holds. Some variety and contrast in motion is always nice

Keely Imai:

Love the leg swing!

Marcella D.:

Not bad

Jose Virgil:

I liked the laugh a lot and the motioning to the house. The hand is very floaty.

Fernando Incetta:

Good posing body language. It could use some extra refining though. Congrats

Monica Stringer:

the eye movement on the mum at frame 199 is waaaay to fast, smooth that bugger out