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Have you heard from Indonesia?

by Ronnie J. Stocks II

Final Rating: 4.38. Finished 71 out of 228 entries.

338 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ronnie J. Stocks II

Description: A lovely long distance chat that cannot possibly be interrupted by anything... right?

Experience: 2 Years

Time taken: Less than 3 Weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Connor Leuck:

If anything, I think the light may start blinking a tad too early.


nice concept..
need improvement in animation


It is a good idea for her to show disappointment by dropping her head on her desk but I think it needs to be speed up a bit not so gentle.

ben malberg:

I like the split screen concept. The movement of the guy needs to be worked on a bit. I feel like some movement needs more in-betweens. Especially the arm from 55-90.

Chris Burel:

I like the animation on the guy. I don't understand the girl's action after the guy shuts the lid of his laptop.

Erich Hess:

woman's lip sync is lacking.