Final Rating: 5.95. Finished 18 out of 228 entries.

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Animator: kristin

Description: One of these moments when you have a major problem with your computer and you are happy that you make it through the line and then ... your support doesn't listen to you.

Experience: CG student. one year of experience.

Time taken: about 5 days (and one day for lighting and rendering)


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Connor Leuck:

If he's talking to someone in front of him, perhaps do an over the shoulder camera angle of the woman.

Stellar job on the guy's animations though. That typing is fantastic

Jean-Guy MacLeod:

It's not clear that he's talking to someone across the desk. But I like the poses and the background looks great.

Alec Farai Munhapa:

could do with some smoothing on the contrasts. but otherwise okay

Sajjad Afzal:

this is the first entry i am seeing and it is a great piece of animation. Looks like top 10 stuff.

Joe Levand:

Awesome concept! The lip sync feels a bit off but the posing feels really natural! Great work!


typing animation can b done with care.. fine tune the shot and it will b a good one..

Yurika Nishi-Imai:

I love the part when he starts typing with just his index fingers.
Great work atmosphere too.
I saw your WIP, and I think it was a good call that you pulled Mery's shot out. (Otherwise, it would've looked overcrowded)

One part that I think could be better, is to move the closed eyelids up a little when the eyebrows raises around frame 85 (the eyelids can still stay shut). Just so they would look more connected.

But other than that, great! PS. Nice rendering too!