Final Rating: 4.24. Finished 76 out of 228 entries.

379 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ezequiel Garibay

Description: A couple have a very short conversation in the middle of a space mission.

Experience: 10 months at college.

Time taken: Roughly 25 - 30 hours.


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Alex Mlqd:

Annnh ! I like the character, disapointed to not see it finished !

Connor Leuck:

Looks like it would've been really good.

Brian Beck:

Ahh man, This was looking good! Wish you had more time with it. Love the idea of him hopping away at the end. :)

Kiran Jay Babla:

Really nice but it's unfinished!

K Thomas Fosse:

It's good but I would like to see it animated all the way (not just the beginning). I like the style and I love the characters. Great job! Keep it up - I would really like to see more!

Erich Hess:

Looks like a good start.

Kirsten Schow:

Nice blocking pass near the end, like to see the finished piece! :)