Final Rating: 6.78. Finished 7 out of 228 entries.

34,907 views including the voting period.


Animator: Behdad

Description: wow that's a lot...

Experience: 8 years

Time taken: some weekends


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Alex Mlqd:

Not too bad, just, next time delay your lipsync back to 2 frames maybe. There, it seems to be a little bit to late.
And It a little bit floating. Think about the pose what you want to show us and keep it.
sorry if it's not clear.

Meridith Winterfeld:

love the lipstick smear

Connor Leuck:

She could use an ending expression to really tie it up. Or just have them make eye contact.

Alec Farai Munhapa:

youve got the fundamentals nailed. but the story doesn't really match up :P

Amartya Mukherji:

superb animation. The last part was slightly stretched unnecessary according to me.

Joe Levand:

Really nice! There are a lot of good moments here. Love her expression when he puts his finger over her lips. The hands are well done as well. The lip sync feels a bit off, and the tongues seem a bit over the top. I love the cartoon feel of it, but I would say pull back the squash and stretch on the faces, they feel a bit too rubbery at points. Awesome work though!

Franck H:

Hahaha ! the final is very funny