Final Rating: 6.54. Finished 12 out of 228 entries.

2,167 views including the voting period.


Animator: Drew Covert

Description: Elf foreman hears some bad new from Indonesia

Experience: 4 Years of Freelance

Time taken: 2 weeks


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roy cobn:

awsome and original idea! but i don't get the story...

Diana Cremer:

Really good.

Rajesh Kumar:


Ejen Shafiq Isa:

nice one! i think the idea could be communicated better if the second elf just stand still instead of whispering to the first one

Don Dacian:

I'll never wash my eyes again!!!!

ben malberg:

Very nice work. The acting of the main guy was great. LIked the use of the audio with the pen. A couple of things, her L foot (screen R) looks awkwardly posed. The blue elf's left hand pops at f154, and when he pushes down on his shoulder I feel it needs a little more overshoot at the end. Everything else looked really good to me. Great job on the run.

Nassim Briedj:

hahaha that's funny

salman siavashi:

nice job

Yurika Nishi-Imai:

creative! I love how he uses the candy cane to put her on hold.