Final Rating: 5.62. Finished 23 out of 228 entries.

686 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lukasz Wenc

Description: Buissnes meeting don't go ahead as expected

Experience: 4years in games

Time taken: 20hours


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Diana Cremer:

Very smooth and great facial expressions

Yara Ruiz Morelos:

nice animation, i think you just need to be careful with forzen frames, be sure that the character is making at least a slight movement all the time


lipcynk is not matching.. need some good poses to make it more attractive work..

Sajjad Afzal:

Some great reaction one the girls face. Wonderful piece of work. Top 5 entry...

ben malberg:

Nice facial expressions. The head move at f136 feels fast to me. The woman is nicely done at the end. Good job.

Erich Hess:

his head is frozen for a bit.