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"Essayons" Combat Engineers

by Ateo

Final Rating: 2.58. Finished 157 out of 169 entries.

17 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ateo

Description: Just another typical work day with the Army's EOD unit.

Experience: less then 4 months

Time taken: Too long


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need some polish

Matthew Kenyon:

Hand movements look like they are hip hop artists.

Mervyn Le MandarinOrange:

The hands are flying everywhere!!

Jan Abero:

For some reason that second doesn't seem thought through. I know that the idea is that character is panicking, but you gotta think your motions and poses through before you start moving.I mean right now between 225-235, I'm noticing no movement on torso and his movements just go all over the place

April Slocombe:

The movements are a tad excessive and unnatural, especially during the topless guy's last line and a couple of cliched poses on "What?" And "Why?" but good lip sync otherwise.

Lance Erickson:

Arms are moving way too erratically.

Kyle Tweed:

WAYYYY too much going on.