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Important Safety Tip

by Chad Cutler

Final Rating: 3.41. Finished 137 out of 169 entries.

18 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chad Cutler

Description: A fine wandering gentleman is out for a stroll, when he's accosted by his friend (now deceased) who will not shut up, even in death.

Experience: 3 years of school

Time taken: 3-4 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Lance Erickson:

The ghost appears in an instant but I think it would look better if he faded into existence. The guy's reaction to the ghost lacks a shocked expression in his face; all that happens is his arms do a short reverse windmill. There's good use of his arms, but the ghost doesn't use his arms after he puts them down; feels like the ghost should use his arms a bit more.

Luke Bridger:

need to work on your eye lines and polish

April Slocombe:

Is the blue man a ghost? If so, I like his intentionally floaty animation and I don't understand why the person on the bits would be a bad part of crossing the streams. Also the man on the right's pose on "Why?" is cliched but the rest of the movements and poses are fine as is the lip sync.

Sophie Bracmard:

Stiff animation