Final Rating: 5.34. Finished 41 out of 169 entries.

30 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andre Sterchille

Description: Bad things can happen

Experience: 9 months

Time taken: 5 days


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Lipsynch is off in first half. Render is nice, character animation is good.

April Slocombe:

Lip sync could do with a bit more work but the rest of the animation us good and I like the glowing red eyes looming in the background.

Derek Stewart:

One of the only shots I've seen with an actual monster in the shot! Pretty cool. :)
Needs some more polish on the lip sync here, and it's a little weird when it switched to the first headshot and there is no hand on the second character's shoulder. But good acting in this; nice use of eyebrows. Really pushes the idea that these characters are living and breathing and THINKING!

Craig P. Smith:

I like the animation motion, it's pretty solid overall. The acting choices are ok, but some could be stronger. There's not clear indication of what the streams are they are talking about.

Stafford Ahartz:

timing and spacing is missing in some parts. Makes it super snappy and robotic.


The Acting is very good, But don't have the character locked down in only 1 position, Move em around about, Have some weight shift! Even though you can below the torso, it seems as the the characters feet are locked still. So yeah defeintely have full body acting, not just half body acting, But yes this was very well done.