Final Rating: 5.99. Finished 18 out of 169 entries.

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Animator: Yishay Shemesh

Description: Dont cross the Streams, you don't want to see them when they're angry.

Experience: 2 Years

Time taken: 16 days


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Funny idea! Made me smile, something the audience is not expecting.

Derek Stewart:

Finally... a fresh spin on a waaaaaay overused concept. I dig the quick nods as he closes the door and then quickly opens. That was nice! The shot of the green-shirted character feels a little off at this point. I'm not sure what's going on with that swooping head move, but it doesn't quite work. But again, great idea here and I appreciate the fresh take on the obvious direction.

Jaime Colque:


Jan Abero:

I Did not see that coming. Kudos.

VieEik Thong:


Cidos Daar:


Luke Bridger:

all round great. well timed, nice polish, good acting, the only thing that stands out is the second shot breaks a camera rule and this is disorientating


Very funny!

Cale Royer:

The animation is top-notch, I just wish you hadn't broken the 180 rule! It's quite jarring.

Kalpesh Patel:

looks good ..need more detail..

Janice Liu:

love that head nod lol!!


Whoa I like the ending.

Eric Buval:

I really like the quick sarcastic head nods at that middle part. I get what you're going for with the calm sarcastic guy but you could've pushed some of his movements more.

April Slocombe:

A couple of choppy head movements on, "Don't cross the streams" and "Why?" Other than that, the lip sync and the set-up are good, no actual peeing is shown (this has been done in quite a few entries already) and I like the revelation of the tough-looking 'Mr Streams' at the end - very funny.

Isai Calderon III:

HAH! The Streams.

Focus on the eyes, they are a tad floaty.
As for the Streams, when Blue walks into the bathroom they are right in front of him. Maybe have them coming out of the stalls?