Final Rating: 5.13. Finished 51 out of 169 entries.

33 views including the voting period.


Animator: Grady Williams III

Description: A pair of technicians talking about safety when one accidently crosses the stream.

Experience: Few years

Time taken: 2 hrs per day 5 days a week.


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Zoe Piel:

I like your background.

Jan Abero:

Great motions and fluidity. Keep doing what you're doing.

Craig P. Smith:

Nice style. I love the art. The lip-sync is solid, except for the end of "... forgot to tell you". The "you" comes too late, and ends too soon. Some poses like the crossing of the arms happens too quickly.

Jaime Colque:

with colour or 3D would look much better, however it is very funny