Final Rating: 7.42. Finished 3 out of 169 entries.

2,396 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nikky Quek

Description: Meanwhile, on the Grid. A program warns another about the dangers of disturbing video streams.

Special Thanks to :
Josh Burton for the Morpheus Rig.
Low Jian Wei for helping me with lighting.

Experience: 2 years plus

Time taken: 2 weeks plus


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Hah! Nice ending. Lipsynch and character animation looks good.

C h o c o b i l l y :

Cool ~

Craig P. Smith:

Very good facial acting. Nice concept and character execution. Good poses and emphasis on the right beats.

Ruth Agada:

LOL! Nice touch with the crash report at the end! Nice animation!

Derek Stewart:

Funny. Cool to see that break of the fourth wall used in a creative way. Might have been better to go with a video player plugin that crashed, but I'm only nitpicking. I do like the posing and the render however. Nice work.

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

hahaha awesome ending

Adam Singer:

Wow... literally the last one I had to vote on and it's my favorite by far! Good job :) I hope this is the winner

Mason Tate:

Awesome, very creative and fun to watch!


Cool piece! The characters have nice subtle animation and are very believable.

Davit Martirosyan:

Nice) Top 5 i think

Zoe Piel:



nice camera choices.

Kristin Turnipseed:

Great idea! I really like the camera work on this as well as the animation. Good job!


neat idea. I think if you framed it wider in the beginning, and then went with the close-up no the orange character toward the end, it would of read better. Great render too

April Slocombe:

Love it! Reminds me of Tron, The movements are subtle and I like the ending. Great job!


This one is definetly on my top 5 list, for the creativity and the great animation,


Best I've seen.

Sam H:

love this one, animation feels very fluid and relaxed & I really like the pause at 50.

Lance Erickson:

Funny how that entire world is controlled by a plugin used for displaying PDF files in a web browser…


nice render!! love the ending.

Jaime Colque:

The render is high quality \o/