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Elvis Presley's Guitar Theft

by Samo

Final Rating: 3.07. Finished 145 out of 169 entries.

13 views including the voting period.


Animator: Samo

Description: The two thieves at Presley's museum and they are trying to steal Presley's precious guitar, but life is not always fair.

Experience: Intermediate

Time taken: About 2 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)


Characters are too "bouncy", too much joint breaking

April Slocombe:

The sound is cut off at the end and the movements are a bit excessive, especially on the guy on the right but the lip sync and poses are decent. I like the guy on the right starting to fall over at the end.

Sergio Barragan L:


Matthew Kenyon:

The guy on the right looks like he has to go to the bathroom.

Jan Abero:

Some of your movements are weird like the Turn of your character on frame 219-232. So is the flailing movements of the arms 183-220. Again take the time to figure out what you want in your movements.


The spotlights are very distracting

Kyle Tweed:

To much going on while the character is speaking. Remember that animating someone listening is just as important as animating someone talking.