Final Rating: 3.93. Finished 108 out of 169 entries.

19 views including the voting period.


Animator: Cameron Scott McKenzie

Description: An over-eager assistant causes an experiment to go awry.

Experience: 3 years.

Time taken: 3 weeks.


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Patrick King:

It pops way too much. Spend a little more time in the graph editor.

Jan Abero:

Hmm... I think the issue with this is the timing and spacing on your movements. Some look like they finished fine with whatever interpolations you set for it, others don't feel finished. I say check on the those again and then refine those movements for your eases and aniticpations when you get into the f-curves.

Craig P. Smith:

The characters have the animation of touching each other or the beakers, but they don't seem to have the weight/solid mass feel to them. They both tend to fly to easily through the space.
Nice lip-sync though.

April Slocombe:

Animation is rather floaty, robotic and static but the lip sync and facial expressions are good.