Final Rating: 3.57. Finished 128 out of 169 entries.

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Animator: Ryan Woods

Description: 11 second club for march about a lesson in bomb diffusion

Experience: college experience

Time taken: one week


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Kevin McCullough:

Creepiest part is you keep losing the pupils so they are rolling back in the characters heads. Looks like its trying to be too cartoony given the fairly realistic designs. Needs more snappiness if you really want to do cartoony


The squash/stretch is too much, it comes off as strange. The blackboard disappears for some reason.

syrus johnson:

bad posing

Lance Erickson:

The guy defusing the bomb… his eyes are rolled back into his head starting at about frame 140. All we see are the whites of his eyes. Same thing with the instructor from about 182 to 236.


nice try :)

Kristin Turnipseed:

love the over exaggerated entrance on the standing character! Nice work