Final Rating: 2.40. Finished 160 out of 169 entries.

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Animator: robert poller

Description: As you can see that this is an experimental animation. I know it isn't much but baring in mind that I have NEVER used puppet/peg animation before so it's all new to me. I hope you keep that in mind.

Experience: six months

Time taken: 12 days


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Needs a lot of work on fundamentals. Right character needs more animation than just arms moving.

Jaime Colque:

the animation is very poor

Stafford Ahartz:

Really robotic

Jan Abero:

I appreciate that you got it complete. But just based on motion, it's really stiff and looks like a lot of the objects are motion tweened. Overall, keep doing what you are doing, but keep in mind that in your animation think about the fundamentals of animation from poses, line of action, overlapping and follow through ect.