Final Rating: 3.72. Finished 118 out of 169 entries.

27 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jeff Woodward

Description: Just two guys who happen to be identical have an important conversation. First time entering, had a lot of fun with this and I hope to enter more in the future.

Experience: Little, I can always learn more

Time taken: About 2-4 days in total


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Mouth movement might be a little to big. Still needs a bit of work on the lipsynch.

Jeff Woodward:

Wish I had more time with it... the audio is off towards the end though.

April Slocombe:

Another peeing entry but lovely subtle movements and lip sync throughout.

Kristin Turnipseed:

The sound seems to be off and the animation look a bit swimmy. Nice render though

C h o c o b i l l y :

After the establishing shot get the camera close to the action.

Craig P. Smith:

Nice bathroom, but you could do a camera push in so that you could see the lip-syncing better. Nice subtle movements, but you could use the heads or body poses to better deliver the lines.

Cale Royer:

Try to remove the floatiness of the characters. Everything doesn't need to move the whole time, and if the motion from one pose to another is even motion, you get this unnatural smooth movement.


Space urinals! =)

Isai Calderon III:

The camera is too far away...