Final Rating: 3.64. Finished 122 out of 169 entries.

29 views including the voting period.


Animator: Daniel Fiske

Description: Rules you should already know!

Experience: 10+ years in games

Time taken: 2 weeks off and on


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Nice character acting, even though all we see is their backs.

Mervyn Le MandarinOrange:

I believe it would be best to change the camera angle and show the face at some point.

Alaa Aldeen Alhamwi:

Good Idea

Remy Hurlin:

nice lips^^

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

from this position we can't see any expression



Sophie Bracmard:

Where you really trying THAT hard to avoid the lipsync? The animation isn't bad but poor

April Slocombe:

The animation's a bit floaty, I would like to have seen their faces so I could comment further on their lip sync and they poses are pretty straightforward.


if you're not going to do faces, it might be a good idea to make body poses more expressive. push the silhouettes! :)