Final Rating: 4.46. Finished 84 out of 169 entries.

28 views including the voting period.


Animator: Janice Liu

Description: Anxious construction worker Ed warns fellow worker Steve about the streams...

Experience: 3 years as a student

Time taken: Two and a half weeks


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Craig P. Smith:

Good believable movements. But I think another stronger pose would be called for on the "Why?". I doesn't have to be a big pose, but something. Very nice scene.

Isaiah Ellis:

The way the keying is just makes me not want to watch it

Mervyn Le MandarinOrange:

Before the 1st guy say his dialogue, he should have a thinking action to indicate he suddenly thought of something important..


The first character needs a moment of realization to warn the other character. Right now he is eating a sandwich and suddenly breaks from that action without any anticipation.

Jaime Colque:

the story and the scene is good but lack polish characters a little more


nice render! normally i wouldn't like how much shade is on the characters' faces, but it works with simple models like these.