Final Rating: 4.77. Finished 67 out of 169 entries.

28 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ervin Ong

Description: A crazy guy try to convince the other guy not to cross the stream but the other guy doesn't believe in him.

Experience: 1.5years

Time taken: 1month


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Some of this is really nice (like the book hitting the character in the head). A lot of the acting is sort of all over the place though and VERY exaggerated/cartoony. It's a cool style but I found it a bit distracting a lot of the time.

Jirair Garabedian:

wayyy overacted


characters seem overacted

Derek Stewart:

Pretty dynamic poses, but too over the top. Keep it simple!

Adam Singer:

The posing and movement are working well but the choice of actions and performance doesn't make any sense for the dialogue... feels way over-done. Maybe try something a little more in-context next time. Good motion though, keep it up :)

Akshay De:

trying to do too much. like picking 30pounds of clothes in a 20pound bag.

April Slocombe:

The blonde guy's movements are mostly unnatural and over the top but the man with the dark hair moves more subtly and convincingly.

Lance Erickson:

This one has way too much over-acting.

Karine Couture Bienvenue:

you overacted....

Sophie Bracmard:

The blond guy is overanimated

Wolfgang Haas:

looks great, but your characters don't actually have to act out everything they're saying