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A General's warning!

by Aloke Sarkar

Final Rating: 3.26. Finished 139 out of 169 entries.

25 views including the voting period.


Animator: Aloke Sarkar

Description: couldnt work on the lipsync and expressions......would be happy to recieve feedbacks so that i can improve it further, Thanks.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 5-6 days


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Ruud Harbers:

Too bad you couldn't finish it properly. Looks promising!

Brian Heath:

a good start...just needs to be finished


Lipsynch in this would have made it an excellent animation.

April Slocombe:

Good biddy movements and poses but no lip sync.

Mervyn Le MandarinOrange:

forgot about the lip sync!! lol...

Craig P. Smith:

Too bad you couldn't finish the lip-syncing. What you did do with the animation is very solid. I like the poses and feel of the motion. I like the arm motions on the "good, bad thing" line. Maybe you could tweak the positioning so that the hands don't do that motion in front of the body. It would make it stronger if you could see it in the silhouette.

Stafford Ahartz:

good acting choices. Wish there was some lip sync though. Look forward to viewing the final piece.

Cale Royer:

Good movement, but their psychic communication skills are a bit unnerving.


definitely stick with it and finish it up!

Kristopher Grenier:

The character animation was decent but the submitter clearly didn't have enough time to lip-sync the dialogue.

Eric Buval:

Nice timings. Too bad you didn't get to finish :c