Final Rating: 6.11. Finished 12 out of 169 entries.

295 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paolo De Murtas

Description: It would be bad : )

Experience: 5 year

Time taken: A week and a half


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syrus johnson:

love it but the end

Derek Stewart:

Really digging the acting in this. Feels like these characters are in the moment. Lip sync feels a bit stiff though. Overall, nicely done. (Thanks for censoring this too. :P)

Shark Bait:


Craig P. Smith:

Very funny. Good lip-syncing. Decent staging.

Jan Abero:

Oh damn you...XD XD XD

April Slocombe:

The third peeing entry I've voted on so far. Although the men look almost like those from Ghostbusters, I like how you've censored the Bill Murray lookalike's privates and the funny ending.

Zoe Piel:

Pretty good work, but very weird rigs.


Creative, and of all the cross the streams pissing in the urinals, the very best one,

Jaime Colque:

render, modeling, animation, everything is fine. W

Brendan Kearney:

I HAD THE EXACT SAME IDEA!! Unfortunately mine was nowhere near finished and wouldn't have looked nearly this good. I hope you win

Sophie Bracmard:

Great idea, unexpected


haha. i like the ending.

Kyle Tweed:

I understand the urination joke but if this won, would you really want to show it to employers?