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I'm hungry so whatever

by Alexis Grant

Final Rating: 1.65. Finished 169 out of 169 entries.

69 views including the voting period.

Animator: Alexis Grant

Description: Mr. Klein wanted me to enter the contest so I am ok with working with him.

Experience: I am in trade school for animation and have passed ToonBoom certification

Time taken: I really didn't keep track I was kinda forced.


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Nasser Mohammed:

was that what you'v spent 31 days on?

Jon Coppock:

Stick with it, just keep on trying.

Kalpesh Patel:

try to put something which can be counted in compwtition

April Slocombe:

Looks too much like an animatic to me - needs more movement and lip sync.