Final Rating: 2.94. Finished 147 out of 169 entries.

29 views including the voting period.


Animator: Cornillon Quentin

Description: Two Friends

Experience: 6 Months

Time taken: 5-6 Days


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need some expression


Mouth movements are too small

David Alexander:

The motion is very sluggish. Lacks slow-in slow-out. Lipsync is very floaty as well

Derek Stewart:

Good job at keeping these characters engaged within the conversation. Be careful not to overuse hand gestures and really plan out what it is that you're trying to say with the shot. Keep at it!

Jan Abero:

Take your time posing out your characters. Especially with the elven rig, They are very flexible and you'll have a lot of fun getting those fun movements and expressions.

Kristin Turnipseed:

Get in and work with that face more, more expressions, and work on the mouth shapes instead of just lips up and down

April Slocombe:

The poses are great and the animation is subtle. The only things are the man on the right having the female Eleven rig's hairstyle and the lip sync not moving as much as it should.

Robert Medrano:

they are too stiff. when one part of the body moves a lot of the other parts move. for example you cant move your arm with out moving your shoulder in some way.

Eduardo Achach:

You could add some contraposto and weight changes to make the poses more appealing and believable.
Next time make sure to use your shoulders a bit more which would help your hand gestures since they look a bit robotic.
Make sure to look at your silhouettes as well which could help you make this a bit more interesting.
Make sure to film some reference.