Final Rating: 5.90. Finished 20 out of 169 entries.

100 views including the voting period.


Animator: Fredrik

Description: Guy crossing stream he shouldn't cross.

Experience: about 2,5 years

Time taken: 1 month nights and weekends


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Great character work. Could use work on the lipsynch.

Nasser Mohammed:

it was kinda good but a little sturdy at times

Zoe Piel:

Nice fall at the end!

Derek Stewart:

Cute idea! Nice gag at the end. There's some lip sync issues with the rabbit character, but the fish character is looking pretty good in that department. The biggest issue is maybe staging here. Don't be afraid to use up more of that space in frame by widening up the stream and adjusting the camera angles a bit. Good work!

Craig P. Smith:

Nice flip on the rabbit. Could use some more accentuated motions and poses. Very nice lip-syncing

Akshay De:

most of the animation was boring. except for that last part. that was execute perfectly. which means you have a good control over fast moving action. work on the slow parts

Sophie Bracmard:

I love the way the rabbit is taken by the stream in the end.

Kaya Oldaker:

Big buck bunny? :)