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Don't cross the steams

by Anne Yun Yun

Final Rating: 4.30. Finished 91 out of 169 entries.

42 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anne Yun Yun

Description: Solemn warning friend

Experience: 2 year as stundent

Time taken: 2 week


(Commenting only available during the rating period)


Lipsynch needs improvement. Need to see left character react to getting hit in the face with the pen.

Derek Stewart:

Some pretty good staging here. Where it's suffering is in the point of the shot; it shouldn't just be about delivering lines but delivering a situation. Polish that lip sync too! This has a lot of potential.

Stafford Ahartz:

Timing is slow and then snappy at the ending dialogue.


The red shirt guy is animated quite nicely, especially the pencil twirling stuff! He seemed quite 'floaty' in the beginning though. Also he never blinks? You can utilise blinks to emphasise the words he's saying more without overdoing it.

I like the idea for frame 123 for the black shirt guy but it doesn't suit the dialogue very well, seems to be overacted. His blinks are really slow as well.

Good luck with future animations, keep up the work!

Sophie Bracmard:

What the character in red is doing with his pen is weird. Frame 40 to 70 the character in black is pushing the pen with his chin : it's not very natural.

Kyle Tweed:

Very Very floaty, when the Malcolm in black leans over and says "I'm fuzzy on the whole good bad..." I notice his eyes are floating. I understand that when animating a lip sync people want to go straight for the face but try and block out the body first, a good lip sync should be able to read even if your character had a box on its head. Great start, just lacked strong poses.