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Penguins on a Cliff!

by Lee

Final Rating: 5.41. Finished 39 out of 169 entries.

95 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lee

Description: Two penguins on a cliff.

Experience: 3 or 4 years

Time taken: Apx. 3 weeks on and off.


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Very good animation, like the style. Camera shake is a bit much. Sound is a little out of sync.

syrus johnson:



That's an original approach to crossing the streams. You did went overboard with the camera shakes though.

Craig P. Smith:

It's a very heavy penguin for the camera to shake that long. If you shorten the shake, and cut more quickly to the bridge breaking, I think the timing would be better. Also, I think you could use the penguin's fins more when he's hopping at the beginning. It looks strange how it is. Otherwise, the acting is nice and the flow of animation is good.

Jan Abero:

hehe...Penguins are fat.

Akshay De:


Kristin Turnipseed:

Cute idea


Very cute animation, I enjoyed it a lot.

J.K. Riki:

Turned out really nicely, great job! :)

April Slocombe:

I remember seeing the WIPs for this on the forum. The lip sync seems a bit off but the penguins are cute, their poses and body animation are solid and I like the rope bridge falling down at the end.



Lance Erickson:

Two points I want to mention…
One: The bridge doesn't show up until the end, even though we see them moving towards the edge (where the bridge should be).
Two: The bridge doesn't 'break' until after the shaking has ended. To make it more believable it should start breaking while the shaking is going on.