Final Rating: 5.52. Finished 35 out of 169 entries.

160 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nico Taro

Description: Something really terrible is going to happen!

Experience: some years

Time taken: all month, two hours every day.


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Derek Stewart:

Fun idea. Needs lots of refining and polish. Nice sense of comedic timing!

Craig P. Smith:

Great expressions. nice lip-syncing. The movement on the guy coming in the door is a little too quick, yet too realistic. That could be exaggerated to be more animated.

Lance Erickson:

Tentacles go through each other at the end.

Matt Murphy:

GREAT movements, but layer the fingers more during the hand movement on "Why", and the action will feel much better.

Audrey Everett:

Loving the ending!!......

April Slocombe:

Movements are a bit excessive on the man who bursts through the door during his first line and the bearded man's pose in "Why?" is a bit clichéd but I like the rest of the poses, the animation and the lip sync and the octopus sneaking its tentacles through the door at the end.