Final Rating: 5.14. Finished 34 out of 72 entries.

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Animator: Yang Shi

Description: It took about 5 days to complete the animation, using the existing Moho model. There are a lot of issues with the model structure that lead to extended animation times.

Experience: Maybe 5 years, animation is my hobby.

Time taken: 5 days


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I'm not sure if the girl is suppose to be sad or happy, but if she is suppose to be sad, she looks like she's smiling in some parts.

Try expressing more emotion in the body language to show their feelings


The follow-through on the hair and the sleeves is a bit strong so it's a little distracting from the rest of the acting. I like the style though !

Jose Velasquez:

Good body movement, the facial expressions/emotions needs to match the dialogue.

Richard Adams:

One of the most artistically beautiful entries I've seen this month, character design-wise. Animation's really well done, too.


The animation and key poses are really look, they look amazing. It's such a good performance but there's no context!! What's she doing? where is she? who is she mad at? why is she mad? Just adding a few props or an environment would bring this scene from and 8 to a 10 because the animation looks so good! Love the finger movements and blinks