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Personally PEEved

by Marley

Final Rating: 4.03. Finished 68 out of 72 entries.

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Animator: Marley

Description: Here is my first ever entry to the 11 second club! I used the Mery rig (meryproject.com) and the Douglas rig (Brandon Schaal). It was my first time working with both rigs and doing dialogue. I’m excited to see what everyone else has done, hope you enjoy!

Experience: I have been doing 3D animation for just over a year now. I am attending SCAD for 3D Animation.

Time taken: I ended up with 2 weeks to animate this but hopefully, I will have more time for the next challenge.


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The framing is nice, but the acting and the lipsync still need a little work.

Jack Hebert:

Needs some work on the animation and posing 4/10


I like the set up and context, the key poses and timing could use a little work, fixing that would help the animation flow better as a whole. But what I see here is still pretty good