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The mean hostess

by Omar

Final Rating: 6.69. Finished 11 out of 85 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Omar

Description: A customer girl asked the hostess for a tap of water, while she doesn't have enough money to buy a branded bottle.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: One weak


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Ben Zingo:

The animation feels a bit stiff/lacking, but the overall character, posing, camera angles, etc. are all pretty great!
I would focus on pushing the anticipation, arc, overshoot, etc. to get that motion feeling a bit more natural

Poppy Marlow:

Lovely expressions!

Byron Pockrandt:

Movements are a little stiff and fast. But love the emotion, poses and camera angles.

ro crown:

great on the end pose of ....whrewww!
so a big 10 stars from me.