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An Upside Down Report

by Nathan Behunin

Final Rating: 6.29. Finished 15 out of 147 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nathan Behunin

Description: The reporter hangs around to talk about a crime.

Experience: Not enough, ~2 years

Time taken: On and off about 14 days


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Sasa Rodrz:

great idea!! I love their interaction

Jaime Santana:

One of my favorites for sure. Although the drop doesn't make sense. Her head shouldn't fall before the rest of the body and the legs shouldn't go up when he cuts the rope.



Alex Smith:

fun idea, there's a story behind it for sure


more anticipation when body movies, i guess, it doesn't seem natural when the person moves his head to look at the girl

Ankit Jaiswal: