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Harley makes an impression

by S.G

Final Rating: 5.84. Finished 29 out of 147 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: S.G

Description: Harley Quinn makes an impression.......
Tried to replicate the original reference version ...

Experience: 5

Time taken: weekends


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wajahath khan:

Nice acting, did notice that you did use the actual source clip as reference I believe.

Amin Bahari:

This is essentially a copy of the scene from the film's trailer. You have not come up with a different set up or even camera angles. This has affected my vote.

Jaime Santana:

Not a big fan of recreating scenes shot by shot, but it's pretty well executed and very accurate. Due to that though, the guy feels very boring and lifeless. Her gun reveal feels a little weightless at the end. And don't forget the blinks. Overall good work. A lot clearly went into it.

Beth Rowe:

lipsync needs work

Gabrielle Nonnenmacher:

Too close to the actual reference.