Final Rating: 6.05. Finished 20 out of 124 entries.

6,114 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrea C

Description: A pirate show this crew a treasure map. But there his an unspokable truth

Experience: Many, professional

Time taken: 2 weeks part time


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Ruben Uggla:

Really funny idea

Jamie F:

Nice idea!


nice concept, add a breakdown squash in the begining , a bit drag and secondary movement on the parrot culd have been nice.

Katie Wyman:

Ahh! Love this one! it's not overcomplicated and the punchline really translates well. My main critique would be, I think your character is lacking a single consistant focus, it's like he's talking to a specific offscrean character at first, then he starts to reflect on what he's saying by looking offscrean, but he never comes back to looking toward that specific offscrean individual. it's as though we forget who he's talking to half way through. I'd say come back to the same focal point at the end, as you have at the beginning.
The way you communicate the character thinking with the subtle eye moove is great though, it really feels lifelike there.

Daniele Croce:

Animation is good, but the parrot is too stiff... Try to animate it a bit more, add some follow through and some drag

Eddie Higgenbottom:

Nice Renders!