Final Rating: 6.06. Finished 19 out of 124 entries.

1,367 views including the voting period.


Animator: Wen-Shiang Lin

Description: Find this cave

Experience: 10 Year

Time taken: 16 days after work


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Jamie F:


Sarahrose Anderson:

I love how he just popped up there all excited saying "Because we'll die!!"


love the bounce!

Morgane Lau:

The way he says "money" is so good! (and everything else is, too!)


The animation itself is great. Love the bounciness! But this feels overacted, there's a little too much happening here. And I don't understand framing it in a way that cuts off half the guy's face like that.

Edith Waititu:

Haha, I love the interpretation of this, it is humorous.