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Give Me a Quest!

by Ryan R.

Final Rating: 5.45. Finished 35 out of 124 entries.

1,937 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ryan R.

Description: When your DM hints that you might not want to go into the dragon's cave at level 1,just ignore his advice and go in for the loot.

Both character models provided by Long Winter Studios.

Experience: 4 Years

Time taken: 30 Hours


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Katie Wyman:

Good acting, good staging. The premise makes sense with the way you've laid it out, and the expressions and gestures on the skeleton come across as natural. Personally I would have made the gestures just a little more subtle, but that's me. I do think the camera move down to the goblin(?) is a little jaring on first watch. For such a fast cut, we need time to adjust. I'd recommend a non moving camera at all there, or using a camera move that's again more subtle. To emphasise size difference, you could also consider making the shot on the skeleton at a low angle so that we're slightly looking up to him. Would be good contrast for the shot change. Arcs are good on the movement, I only wish there were a little more squash and stretch going on (just a little). Yeah, instead of such extreme movements I think subtle would work better with more emphasis on the main animation principles. Overall, great work though! This stands out nicely in the competition, and you should be proud.