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Strange Encounter

by Alexandra

Final Rating: 6.21. Finished 7 out of 62 entries.

275,544 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alexandra

Description: Aw, that didn't go as planned!
Using my own character rigs.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 2 weeks (10th - 24th)


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Megan Menetrey:

The models look cool! But throughout there's much more bounce in the top half than in the legs, which is good for most of the animation but then makes the girl walking away look awkward

Branden Blowey:

I think this didn't need that final shot change at the end, as the 2 character focusing angles were already strong. Really digging the character poses and cloth movements, but these characters seem too on the realistic end for some of the actions, like the snap to the pole at the beginning. Overall though some really nice stuff!

Samuel Bourland:

Nice cloth simulation. Try for fewer and larger mouth shapes. And use those eyebrows. They can sell a lot of emotion.

Vincent Henri Guillaume:

good work, but the faces lack expressions. Beware of twinning !

William Barry Eggington:

Great in body movement but weird in the lips. And her push-off and walk at the end could use a bit of work but well done.

Ahmet Berk Tugrul:

the best for me!!

Anais Larocque:

Awesome characters !! Love the guy's animation details.
But the girls' walk feels very weird. Animating a walk is tricky work, it has got to feel natural. I wouldn't recommend to animate it for a monthly challenge. :P Also, the guy's move around frame 285 has no follow through.

Jorge Duran Llanos:

If this wins is only due to having some funky rendering. But animation is poor

Eric De Carolis:

great models and hair! The animation needs some work tho. The mechanics of the girls walk are off. Mostly the weight shifts